Oh, to just be without imagining or loving oneself,
precise reflection of nothingness!
And, boundless gift from the bountiful vault,
disappear like a jellyfish in the current—
with feathery forward motion,
swirling and folding in mindless smoke.
Oh, inscrutable days and becalmed
scorching heat of shore and shoal!
To forget forever the excited hatred,
to taste the infinite disarray
of one who comes alive in stillness,
dies and comes back each time, free of advice!

Oh ser sense imaginar-se ni estimar-se,
reflexos purs d'un no res!
I almoina immensa de l'aura generosa,
confondre's en el corrent com la medusa,
que així impulsada s'esfuma,
indiferent bellugar-se i remolí.
Oh dies impenetrables i serena
calitja d'ones i dunes!
No recordar ja més l'odi enarborat,
assaborint el desgavell infinit
de qui en la pausa s'abriva,
mor i reviu cada instant, nu de consell!

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